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Everything you’re about to read is more than likely false because you are on the internet. However science is best science and nothing here is false but might turn out to be false further down the line making this assumption both true and false giving us a false positive…or something.

Lots going on today, in my opinion most importantly we have a trachea being replaced by a completely synthetic one. No, no. Not like a pacemaker but one grown from stem cells, aw shit. Which of course means it has a zero percent chance of being rejected by the body which also means they don’t have to take pills every single day of their lives. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! This essentially means I am free to drink and so long as I dont die in a plane/car/boat/motorcycle/scooter accident I should be a-ok to drink as heavily as I want because by the time my liver dies they should be able to print me out a new one for me to torture.

But seriously this is the first completely synthetic organ transplant. Many people would think the trachea is not an organ but those people would be wrong. Your skin is an organ! Anyways, the potential for this in the future is actually quite astonishing, besides me being able to abuse my liver twice.

Also in stem-cell research today is they managed to restore cognitive functions in a persons brain who lost it due to chemotherapy. I dont even think I need to say anything about this one besides, science is jawesome. This is right up there with them treating a guys burns with stem cells to regrow his skin. This is the future, where we can turn on parts of the brain or fix our bodies without the suffering, and major skin grafts or other horrifying things.

Also MIT is printing solar panels on paper now, imagine the potential uses for this. The days of bulky expensive solar panels may soon be coming to an end, and by that I mean probably not for decades. The face one day I might not even need to plug something into the wall or go out to buy batteries fills me and my pocket with joy and money…for me to drink with and ruin my liver.

This is the future, boy howdy did I make a mistake not becoming a scientist so I could be a part of this wonderful time instead of just being a bystander watching through the window.

  1. Stem cell research, bah. What about gene therapy! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_therapy#2011

    If the Weismann Barrier can be breached, then I don’t think it will be very long before humanity creates its own subspecies, if you will.

    I think about the fact that we love science but can’t contribute to it a lot. My solution is just that we can fight the good fight: teach others about it fairly, and write about it – some of the best scientific ideas have come from non-scientists through sheer luck. Maybe one of these scientists you’re meeting out in Colorado will pick on something you say and think “yeah, I’d like to research that.”

    They may be knowledgeable in their field, but one of the major problems with science today, I think, is that many scientists lack imagination. They need the help of laypeople to see where they might make the best use of their skills.

  2. Well best use of their skill would be in their respected fields….minus theoretical physics. Fuck them.

    I think if I could find a job out here in which I would make enough money I would go back to school, and maybe shoot for a doctorate. That would be awesome and expensive as hell though, but still would be something that I would like to do.

    I hate looking in and knowing what their talking about but unable to see the finer details of the picture itself. Only slightly frustrating that the limits of my knowledge come from not having a fine tune to them, I guess I could always pick up some books that go into more detail and explain it a bit better than wiki.

  3. Also yea gene therapy, although the 2011 thing isn’t REALLY gene therapy that was a almost 100% bone marrow transplant from someone who had that gene that cured the recipients HIV/AIDS. It’s a start now that we know that there are people who are 100% immune from it, the problem is that the people that have are predominantly European and only maybe 5% of the population.

    I know some people are terrified by genetically modified food / organisms but really I don’t see why. I can understand from an ethical point of view but even still, the positive ramifications would/could be huge. I don’t see why people are so terrified of it.

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