resume oh how I hate thee

There are several things I could honestly say I despise doing, writing out my resume happens to be one of those things. “Oh please no.” I plead with myself, please don’t make me do this. “you don’t understand math” my brain tells me and then it hits me really, really hard. Generally, I have no problem writing about myself if there is no line to be crossed, oh haha very funny. But alas that is not possible to do on a resume because I could get people killed and then I’d probably goto prison, they will tear me up in prison.

I have spent nearly the last maybe four and a half hours rewriting almost the entire thing. It has been a long, grueling task of which my mind feels nearly at it’s breaking point and my body feels slow and lethargic. But I believe I am very close to being what many people call “done.” Now all that remains is to give it to a few people for the once over to complete the final draft.

I’m not very good at spelling certain things, punctuation is not particularly my strong point. I have a penchant for typing much like I would talk, oh how I’m sure Adam is loathe to read my barely human form of English that I speak through a straw. But I will say most of the things I talk or speak about I care deeply about, and my resume is no exception to this rule. I know it’s important to have not only an accurate and appealing resume (which is why I’m still semi furious at UPS for not letting me take the supervisors position because it would look good) for a life long career or just work in general…which I continue to look for.

As the days go by and I watch my bank account begin to suffer (not even close to the halfway mark yet) I cant help but think more and more about me coming out here. I feel bad, honestly really bad about not being able to get a job, I feel bad about piggy backing on Kyle and Leslies back in this. And in the long run it’s just going to continue to do damage to my bank account.

But what can I do? Pray? No thanks. I just got to keep my head up and my mind out of the gutter and I’m sure it’ll all be fine in the long run. I’ve been having a blast out here so far, I’ve met alot of interesting and genuinely neat people out here. I just hope I can catch a break soon.

  1. Don’t worry dude – if you have to just go get a cheap job to kill time and make money while you’re looking for the dream position – do it. It wiil improve the look of your resumé b/c it will show people that you’re working all the time.

    In other news, it’s good to hear you’ve got everything well under control out there. So wish I was out there as well. But no travelling for me this year. Sigh… if I can, I do plan on using a lot of vacation time to travel this winter. Might see you then?

  2. More than likely wont be able to come back this holiday season, unless my ass gets a well paying job. Hell might have my own place by then as well.

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