Tribes: Ascend

Well, well, well, we find ourselves here once more, eh old chap? Now I know I have talked about it before and I will again when the game actually comes out but for now I wish to go over it again. Now that Hi-rez have shown videos and people have actually played the game I think I’m going to chime in even though I have not.

While fishing around the internet I’ve found alot of complaints about the game, many completely justified. I shall list them for you in no particular order, ones with no basis I will put my response behind in parenthesis:

  • FTP (okay I don’t understand, because its free you’re afraid that the population will be huge with all these n00bs who don’t deserve to play will much stuff up? Get off you’re high horse.)
  • Micro Transactions (It’s not pay to win it’s an express lane to get weapons [I’ll talk about that in a bit])
  • 2 weapons per armor type.
  • Preset loadouts.
  • No mods
  • No private servers
Okay first I want to talk about micro transactions. As stated about they seem to be an express lane to get weapons which you’ll unlock naturally as time goes on, think TF2. Generally, I don’t like it, and alot of other people do not either because yes, one of the main appeal of Tribes was having everything from the get go. I guess I’ll also talk about the preset loadouts. Which is to say you wont get to make custom presets for yourself, I REALLY dont like the idea of this, and by “really” I actually got red in the face when I learned this.
I used several different light loadouts playing the compshop way back in the day. Seeing as I played a sniper I had different ones for different situations. I guess I wont be able to just switch my weapons on the fly to change how I want to play. Also, I guess I wont be switching weapons because I can only have two at a time, plus a melee weapon which of COURSE is insta kill.
More to the point after watching the videos from Quakecon (go check them out) I can say it LOOKS like it’s Tribes which is honestly more than I could say about Vengeance. No I wont talk about that abomination here. It does look like they are trying to make a new Tribes game, and I hope they succeed, but after reading online, finding people talking about it at Quakecon I can honestly say my resolve is shaken. It’s not that I don’t think it can be done but following in other companies footsteps instead of making your own?
Now I am NOT against microtransactions, quite the opposite, I believe under the right circumstances they can be good and amazing. Which is to say follow TF2 for it, don’t add anything you cant get normally in the game anyways, or if you do make sure it’s something completely cosmetic, not say $15 map packs.
I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to remake Tribes? How hard can it be to just remake Tribes 2? I just honestly cannot fathom it, and as time goes on I just get madder. If this one fails I mean honestly just let the franchise die, let some indie person take care of Tribes and actually listens to the community.
  1. I have to agree with everything said here, really. The video you sent me of gameplay is kinda… worrying. The fact that you can’t choose your loadouts is super-bad thinking on their part, because they don’t even NEED to do this in order to make micro-transactions work for them. Loadout choice was an essential part of the Tribes culture. I think taking it away bodes very badly for this game.

    I did see a few good things – the maps look huge, and the guns look well-thought-out. I don’t really question the reduction to 2 gun types per unit; whatever, as long as we’re all on the same playing field (although I think it will make heavies suck even MORE).

    The deal-breaker is now going to be whether the laser rifle is a one-hit kill though. Because if you can one-hit with melee but snipers can’t one-hit, then I will almost certainly view the game as poorly balanced.

    Also, where were the deployables like turrets, remote inventory stations, sensors, mines, ammo stations, radar disruptors, etc.?

    I’m glad they’re making it free, because right now I would not pay money for it.

    • There are deployables from what I could tell. Perhaps not as many but seeing as it’s still in Alpha I hope they start listening to the community. I actually wouldn’t mind if snipers were not, I obviously would prefer it to be that way but basic Tribes it wasn’t a 1 hit kill either, it left them with just a small bit of health remaining, which I obviously used to get people to kill themselves. The way I look at it is if you allow someone to get that close to you in Tribes you deserve it, sniping is far off and you have time (hopefully) to make a second shot. I just hope they don’t monkey around with the laser rifle or whatever it will be and make it like it was in Vengeance where it was crippled.

      I actually thought the video(minus showing the loadouts) was pretty good. I actually felt like I was watching one of my friends play, which is a good sign, it just felt more tribey to me I guess. And yes they do show the inventory station a few times actually. I believe the first time is when he switches out for the chaingun and the rocket launcher.

      I can understand that they want to make money but I believe that they are doing it wrong. I WOULD pay money to have special armor, not much but just something so I can switch it up every now and then. And if they made the game well I’d more than likely be willing to give them more money for it.

  2. While I’m also very weary of T:A, there are some slight corrections that should be made regarding your post.

    Hi-Rez have hinted several times at the ability to rent private servers from them, though have yet to officially announce it.

    The melee weapon (sword) isn’t a one hit kill, at least not for heavies. QuakeCon attendees said it took about 4-5 hits to take down a heavy.

    Overall though I’m disappointed with what I’ve seen so far. While remaking Tribes 2 (I’d prefer T1 but whatever) would be fantastic, it probably wouldn’t be very profitable.

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