oy oy oy

It has been awhile my dear friends, awhile indeed. I’m settling in well I believe, I have a very nice but not very comfortable job lined up for the near future. It will be nice to have income of my own coming in once more, I’ll be able to get back into the groove of things, not have to use someone else’s laptop….

I’m already working on plans to rebuild my computer, I doubt it will cost alot unless I want to be a freak. Mainly though I have other needs that I am putting in front of getting a computer for the moment (blasphemy I know) but I’d like to get come camping / hiking stuff so I can experience the great outdoors in all of it’s terrifying beauty.

I also plan to hopefully be moved out of Kyle and Leslie’s apartment by Thanksgiving, thats what I’m shooting for. I think if my checks are of a decent amount I might splurge a little bit and either get an apartment in the same complex as the one were in now OR one kind of further away but more expensive but almost double the space. I guess for the moment it’s all just conjecture until I find out if I got this job or not, I have a good feeling about it.

I wanted to post about some kind of academic thing but I’m pretty tired and I need to do a bunch of stuff at the bank tomorrow and call the HR dept at my hopefully job place of employment so unfortunetly I will not be doing that this time, though there is much to talk about! Next time though, look forward to it.

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