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oy oy oy

It has been awhile my dear friends, awhile indeed. I’m settling in well I believe, I have a very nice but not very comfortable job lined up for the near future. It will be nice to have income of my own coming in once more, I’ll be able to get back into the groove of things, not have to use someone else’s laptop….

I’m already working on plans to rebuild my computer, I doubt it will cost alot unless I want to be a freak. Mainly though I have other needs that I am putting in front of getting a computer for the moment (blasphemy I know) but I’d like to get come camping / hiking stuff so I can experience the great outdoors in all of it’s terrifying beauty.

I also plan to hopefully be moved out of Kyle and Leslie’s apartment by Thanksgiving, thats what I’m shooting for. I think if my checks are of a decent amount I might splurge a little bit and either get an apartment in the same complex as the one were in now OR one kind of further away but more expensive but almost double the space. I guess for the moment it’s all just conjecture until I find out if I got this job or not, I have a good feeling about it.

I wanted to post about some kind of academic thing but I’m pretty tired and I need to do a bunch of stuff at the bank tomorrow and call the HR dept at my hopefully job place of employment so unfortunetly I will not be doing that this time, though there is much to talk about! Next time though, look forward to it.


Well…here we are. I hope you will excuse any spelling mistake or punctuation errors that you might find on this one, went indoor rock climbing and my hands are, for better a term “almost completely unusable” right now so I hope you will bear with me as the strength required to lift this laptop unto my legs was monumental. (editors note: dont worry seeing as this is a multiday process, I have since regained access to my hands.)

So today I’ll probably (and by probably I mean I will) talk about two channels that I once dearly loved before they tried to rip my throat out. Luckily I was old enough as to see through their immense bullshit and need their sick fetish desire for ratings that they would abscond from what made them what they are. More of a blight now than I had ever dreamed.

I of course talk about Discovery and the History channel. Here Allow me to label some from both of these … “respectable” companies:

Discovery you go first:

  • American Chopper
  • Auction Kings
  • American Logger
  • Deadliest Catch
  • Mythbusters
  • Dirty Jobs
  • Swamp Brothers
  • Swamp Loggers
  • Life
  • Gold Rush Alaska
Now this is a small bit of their programming. And that said I DO Like Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters and Life the rest of this? Look I don’t even know what I’m looking at, and to be honest even though I like Dirty Jobs I don’t feel it’s a show that Discovery needs to show. But every now and then they return to their true nature and I feel it is good. But I don’t see why they are so enigmatic about everything that they do. Why in the holy hell are there more episodes of Deadliest Catch than Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking or more things like Shark Week?
To be honest when I was still in school (Middle and High) I adored the Discovery channel and in fact was one of maybe three or four channels I watched because it fascinated me and helped me develop this passion I have for Science that I do. Discovery helped nurture my love of it, and now it’s like a heroin addicted boyfriend/girlfriend sucking the life out of me having watched it fall so far.
When Mythbusters did so well I thought it would be a throwback to their old days after they began to go astray. Nope. All that they did was try to recreate Mythbusters for  more action packed shows tried to clone it but with more Michael Bay EXPLOSIONS! “Well that failed… what about a reality show that deals with auctions? BRILLIANT!” Science!
It is without a doubt one of the reasons I stopped watching TV, look I like Mythbusters and I’ll watch it online or buy the DVD’s when I eventually get a good job because I want to show them this is what they should be doing. I shouldn’t be learning more from Thousand Ways to Die on Spiked. It shouldn’t be a contest, I should be getting science crap from discovery, and I honestly don’t see why Discovery needs to suddenly be some kind of Michael Bay clone from quasi manliness.
Oh History Channel let’s not forget about you, lets see what you have to offer now a days shall we?
  • Ice Road Truckers
  • Ancient Aliens
  • The Bible code
  • Life After People
  • Swamp People
  • Monster Quest
  • Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy
  • Pawn Stars
  • UFO Hunters
  • Ax Men
History Channel in my opinion is far, far worse than Discovery Channel. I think it has to do with them being like “oops we did ALL of history put on some more pawn stars!” On the main site that lists all of their shows not a single one of the ads was for a legitimate educational show. Now there are some shows on there that ARE educational. The thing is that, almost all of them were time specific shows and I dont mean during the day I mean things pertaining to Independence Day and Christmas and the like.
Almost nothing History shows now is of any educational use…oh unless you wake up at six in the morning. Lovely.
You know much like Discovery I got my love of history .. well… through the History channel. I loved watching stuff about WW2 and although I know that it seems it’s been over done I would still take it over the diatribe they have now. Every time Ancient Aliens is on or UFO Hunters I literally feel the need to vomit profusely. Or anything having to do with the future thats not in the context of history. I know perhaps I’m bashing rocks together but one would think they would at LEAST stick with what their name is at least based on.
Now I don’t even really watch TV outside of the occasional Mythbusters or Deadliest Warrior for my “educational” needs then I have Adult Swim for pretty much everything else, and what it doesn’t satisfy Comedy Central does.
I cant imagine a time way back when Discovery ever would have put a man on who would say shit like “I dunno, therefore aliens.” that is of course paraphrased by the great GAT. A man unable to just be able to think like a decent normal human being and sees the obvious truth that the pyramids were made by aliens so that they could mine gold and cover their planet with it.
Honestly though I’m not surprised at all. Thats just some of the foul bile that these two seem to spit up. Instead of saying “yea….that not science.” they fully endorse these madmen and influence kids growing up that saying unfounded bullshit (pardon my french) like this with zero understanding on how anything rudimentary works that it’s somehow okay. That it’s somehow okay to say that that has just as much merit as actual science. (editors note: it doesnt.)
But it’s okay because we have shows watching how pawn shops work, which we had before with antique roadshow where people weren’t ripped off by giving away family heirlooms away for fifty bucks. Gone are the days that I learn anything on cable. And when I get my own place I’m not gonna skimp out and get BBC’s Nova and the Science channel. I’m deeply disappointed in these two who only want higher ratings and forsake the very grounds on which they were founded. Maybe they’ll take ques from other networks and have midget ghost talkers who communicate with dead pets next. All I can do is cross my fingers.

a cry for help

Well seeing as I don’t have a job for the moment I’ve been trying my hand at what is called one of the hardest games ever made. Dwarf Fortress. I’m not gonna say I’m pro at it because I’m not by any stretch of the word because lets face it this IS dwarf fortress were talking about. Basically I couldn’t play the vanilla version of it, mainly because I dont wish to learn how to decode the Matrix and help Neo fight. ASCII can seriously go eat a damn dick, I get it it’s the only way you can show shit without my laptop dying. (BTW I am totally running it off of my external hard drive so I can take it anywhere.)

This is how it generally looks:

"I can't even see the Matrix anymore."

No please….just no. Look what I can tell you is I can see the roads, the dwarves the grass and the water. Besides that I’m just as lost as you are on this. So I downloaded a handy pack called: LazyNewbPack it comes with some new tilesets one being Ironhand and while it’s not great you can definitely see things and understand them, well more basic of things. I actually do see into the Matrix on this one and I can pretty much tell whats going on, since it is what I’ve learned off of.

only taken to show the difference I promise.

Oh god. So yea there you go. Dwarf Fortress is at it’s heart a story telling machine, sure you pretty much rule over you’re dwarves and lose in the most horrendous ways possible, but that’s just part of the story. Remember: Losing is fun! I will admit for awhile I was getting furious at my butcher dwarf who wouldn’t kill cats and dogs, even though I would tell him to find a live animal and designate them for slaughter. It was important to keep a dwarf from going insane, which ended up happening because my butcher wouldn’t do his damn job! Oh well I figured all that out now and am very slowly working on the fine points of the game.

Honestly I think when this fort eventually runs into some unforeseen horror which will more than likely slaughter my dwarves to the last (I still don’t know how to raise an army.) that my next fort will be even better, of that I have no doubt.  I have the knowledge now of what to take at the start and what is just plain silly. There is still alot of stuff that I just haven’t figured out yet unfortunetly, and I’m learning that very slowly. but for now I have a thriving fort and I’m having fun trying out different things and just learning how to do shit.

It is suffering though, generally I find myself consumed by it and then its four in the morning. But mah dwarves! It really is fun though, and I know I’ve been beating around the bush about what kind of game it is but thats hard to say…it’s a city builder with RPG elements…but pretty much every thing else is up to you the player. You make the world how you want, your dwarves are strong and if your will is as well, do it AND STRIKE THE EARTH!

One more before I go

Yup. I decided to write one more before I left on my journey of self enlightenment. I promised you a science post and you shall get one.

I was disappointed to learn Voyager 1 is still inside the solar system and wont be making it into interstellar space for about another year. Sometimes I wish I was born 200 years from now when we’ll hopefully be exploring the solar system at least…HOPEFULLY. Like I said in my last quasi space rant I love space and I consume all knowledge about it that I can. I could literally read about it all day and dream about it at night.

Voyager 1 has shown us so many interesting things about the tiny place in which we call our home. Amazing pictures of the out lying planets, such beautiful pictures to show us just how beautiful our own solar system truly is and hopefully shows us that the solar system if not the world is worth exploring.

I vehemently disagree with people who say NASA doesn’t deserve funding but  our war on drugs and our war on terror is MORE deserving of funding rather than exploring our own backyard our own home? They say whats there to see? Whats the point? While yes, NASA has disappointed me in the past, and will probably continue to do so, but does that mean I should just stop believing all together in things just because things don’t work out?

Are we destined to just live at home until we die? Intergalactic…nay, not even, we should be glad if we could call ourselves intergalactic losers. What happens when our resources begin to dwindle? But that could never happen right? Earth has an infinite supply of oil and land and food and everyone lives happily ever after, right?

Honestly? I think there are just to many people on Earth. But then again “as long as there’s two people on earth someones gonna want someone dead.” I’ve heard people say “well if everyone was so and so there’d be peace on Earth.” Wishful thinking, honestly? You believe that? Is just being a person with everyone else not enough for you? Everyone needs to be the same? Just like you? That’s the kind of egomanical bullshit that worries me about this world.

We have a mind blowing amount of space technology, an engine that we can reach Mars in a month or less? Why shouldn’t we at least try?

Let me be frank, I’m also pro animal testing. I’m not talking spray that rabbit in the eyes with perfume kind of testing but medical testing I can get behind. I’ve heard people say that there is no benefit to animal testing, and this is just the most horrible thought process. I’m sure if we could we would do human testing, actually I’m sure we wouldn’t if we knew it was going to fail. But people with terminal illnesses donate themselves to science, shouldn’t that be good enough?

If you know anyone who’s ever, EVER had to be on life support and you don’t support animal testing you terrify me. Life support was a direct link to a “mad” and I’m using that term liberally here, a real mad doctor, from Russia. He literally grafted a dead dogs head to a still living dog, trying to keep the head alive. People would be against that like all hell now a days, but how many people do you think those dogs saved when life support became real?  This is pretty much the same stuff as anti-vaccine goers.

I honestly would think anti-vaccine proponents would be funny if they weren’t so sad, or mad whatever your call. The fact is these people put their children s lives at risk and if you want kids, your children as well. And I find it disgusting that people would rather their children die to these horrible debilitating illnesses than have a kid with autism. And that is of course if vaccines cause autism and here’s a hint, they don’t. Don’t be brought in by their filth. I would rather have a kid then let them die to polio or the measles. I think its immoral and I think it’s dangerous and irresponsible.

So who’s to blame when children start getting sick with these diseases again? I just don’t understand, I really don’t. If parents can be found guilty of murder because they starved their kid or denied their child diabetes medication all due to religious views I think we should just vaccinate them anyways and if they get older just “whoops didn’t know you turn out to be dumb as hell.” Who is to blame? Mainly the people who hear only what they want to hear, like “this causes autism!” but then ignore the fact the scientist who did the study cherry picked information like crazy AND his work cant even be reproduced. If it’s true how come other scientists cant do the exact same thing?

I’m terrified of this new anti science movement. Not only does it threaten to throw us back into the dark ages (metaphorically) and by that I mean go watch Idiocracy. Some people will disagree with me, say that there isn’t a growing and alarming anti science movement. But you know what science is good for, for these people that say science is bad? Making their TV’s thinner, how to cram more items into their microwavable dinners, making sure the electricity stays on, because they don’t care about anyone but themselves, they cant be held to any kind of responsibility. Tide goes in, tide goes out. You cant explain that!

see you on the other side

Well, unfortunately kids this will probably be my last or one of my last posts for awhile. Seeing as I will be moving soon and really need to get the last of my affairs in order I don’t know if I will have time to post again before I head out. Also, seeing as I will not be bringing my computer with me on my new journey I don’t know when I will post again when I get out there.

I’ll be building a new computer though when I’m out there to kind of be my “this is my new home” kind of thing. When that will be however will be anyones guess, which is to say when it’s finished. As it will entail me getting a job and more than likely striking out on my own.

I must admit that the prospect is terrifying to me. Up til now in my ~20 years of being self-aware I’ve relied on my parents for the roof over my head and things like that, this is without a doubt the biggest game changer in my entire life. I’m gonna try getting back into art so expect some of that when I’m back online, along with probably a bunch of new rants on video games and maybe even science! In fact I almost guarantee before I leave I’ll make a science post about Voyager 1. Take care kids!