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My art part 1

So I said I would throw up some of my art on here. This is probably one of the influential on me. Was the first one that didn’t have a generalized goal in mind. It’s surrealism and encompasses how I was feeling at a certain time frame in my life. If you look closely you can see I dunno homework or something in the background. I could tell you about all of the symbolism that I sewed into the page but honestly what good would that do? It’s “art” and one may interpret it as they will because art has no defined meaning for a piece. I’m very against art schools in general for grading and criticizing young artists.

Basically to me what art is, is the feeling that the artist has at the time expressed in words, paint, crayons or digital programs. You put a little part of yourself into your work a little bit of your soul because you want people to see who you were when you made it. You can teach technique, you can teach perfection, drill it into someones head. But the ability to express ones soul cannot be taught or learned, it is something that must be found deep inside all of us.

I don’t consider somethings to be “art” but if we’re starving dogs what’s next? I can see where someone would say that it’s art in a morbid kind of way but it opens a new can of worms, I might not like it but I understand the perspective. But I cant help thinking that is this “new age” art gets its way people could be fighting in roman arenas again all in the name of art.

My art and me

When I was growing up I drew constantly I had a weird knack for copying things that I saw with crayons or other drawing utensils. My family had me draw things fro them and I was happy. I call this my “simple phase.” My art was simple as was my life, it never really changed until things began to change who I was. I drew what other people wanted of me and never really questioned it.

In high school things changed, I at times felt in control of my life and more often than not, I felt I had no control over my life. My art took on a very anime-esque feel and appearance to it, as that was the majority of what I watched at the time. At the same time my art became darker and more refined, like a good whiskey. While I would say that this is the height of my artwork, I hated it. I hated my art because deep down I knew it wasn’t good, it didn’t speak to me, it held no meaning.

Most of my art was also done in my classes when I should have been paying attention or studying, most of my art also had the same basic structure to it, and I’m not just saying the anime portions of it, but it all felt the same to me. And while I continued to draw, it was the things in my beginners art class, the three or so that I did throughout the entire year that I enjoyed the most. One of my submissions won first place and was hung in a bank for about 3 months. While my heart might not have felt in the art I was producing.

One of the final pieces I did in Highschool finally broke through. While it wasn’t enough to prevent my now crippling artists block it finally sang through me. It was a small piece I did on normal lined paper, it was a surrealist piece that emphasized everything that I was feeling at the time. Most of my latest art is of the same basic principle.

Now I have three pieces I would like to do but once again I just dont have the heart for it. My muse is gone, and I really hope to get my edge back once I move to Colorado. I felt when I was there that I could start it all back up again. We’ll see though.