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see you on the other side

Well, unfortunately kids this will probably be my last or one of my last posts for awhile. Seeing as I will be moving soon and really need to get the last of my affairs in order I don’t know if I will have time to post again before I head out. Also, seeing as I will not be bringing my computer with me on my new journey I don’t know when I will post again when I get out there.

I’ll be building a new computer though when I’m out there to kind of be my “this is my new home” kind of thing. When that will be however will be anyones guess, which is to say when it’s finished. As it will entail me getting a job and more than likely striking out on my own.

I must admit that the prospect is terrifying to me. Up til now in my ~20 years of being self-aware I’ve relied on my parents for the roof over my head and things like that, this is without a doubt the biggest game changer in my entire life. I’m gonna try getting back into art so expect some of that when I’m back online, along with probably a bunch of new rants on video games and maybe even science! In fact I almost guarantee before I leave I’ll make a science post about Voyager 1. Take care kids!

Witcher 2

I’ll more than likely come back later on and talk about this game at a later date because my computer will probably have a heart attack if I try to run it more than an hour at a time. But what I can say is that it is quite the beautiful game even on medium before my computer complained incessantly and I was forced to turn onto low. And oh how it hurt me, but even on low it doesn’t look terrible. I should also say I haven’t beaten it yet, mainly because of overheating issues from the strain it puts on my computer.

The other thing that I must suffer through is just how HARD this game is, there are several points that I have come into gross contact with that I’ve just had to save the game and close it for awhile. But the game is jam packed of fun stuff, and boobs, well…less boobs than stuff. The amount of stuff and horrifying things I can do still baffles me, and the only thing I wish the game did better was explain things better. I spent a good hour and a half trying to beat the first part of the game because the explanation for blocking went by so quickly.

Basically it plays like IVAN for me a RPG in which I die in the most horrible, contrived ways imaginable. And I must say I enjoy it, if my computer wasn’t heating up to the point where I could cook food upon it I would probably enjoy it much more. The fact that I play my computer like a guy with a mental disability doesn’t help either, sometimes the judgement of god comes down when I put down traps and get caught in them myself, leaving me completely up to the mercy of enemies which only wish to eat and consume my face.

No. NO! I scream at my computer as I wander into a place I’m obviously not supposed to be and am cut down by wraiths that I just spent 10 minutes fighting, I did barely any damage to them. I guess thats my biggest qualm so far is that it takes me so long to feel like I can do something and inevitably my character gets eaten by fishmen and I need to do it all over again. It is an unforgiving game that doesn’t mess around and lets you know when you’ve made a terrible mistake. And that includes one of the only games I can think of where I said something to piss off a guy in a cut scene and I was killed in the cut scene. The fact I collect and jame my bags full of stuff to make new and better weapons and potions and junk like that.

I was carrying to much stuff one time and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why but as I went through my inventory I saw it. 50 lbs of lumber, “wut” I said in disbelief, and one would probably think I either sold it or left it behind. No, I couldn’t do that and hauled it all with me because there is obviously something wrong with me. Oh yea and like 30 lbs of stone or something. This game once I get the computer to run it will ruin my life, of that I have no doubt. I love this game.