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My art part 1

So I said I would throw up some of my art on here. This is probably one of the influential on me. Was the first one that didn’t have a generalized goal in mind. It’s surrealism and encompasses how I was feeling at a certain time frame in my life. If you look closely you can see I dunno homework or something in the background. I could tell you about all of the symbolism that I sewed into the page but honestly what good would that do? It’s “art” and one may interpret it as they will because art has no defined meaning for a piece. I’m very against art schools in general for grading and criticizing young artists.

Basically to me what art is, is the feeling that the artist has at the time expressed in words, paint, crayons or digital programs. You put a little part of yourself into your work a little bit of your soul because you want people to see who you were when you made it. You can teach technique, you can teach perfection, drill it into someones head. But the ability to express ones soul cannot be taught or learned, it is something that must be found deep inside all of us.

I don’t consider somethings to be “art” but if we’re starving dogs what’s next? I can see where someone would say that it’s art in a morbid kind of way but it opens a new can of worms, I might not like it but I understand the perspective. But I cant help thinking that is this “new age” art gets its way people could be fighting in roman arenas again all in the name of art.

Dashing I’m sure

Now that my formal introductions are out of the way, let us talk, talk about things we should not.

I find myself daydreaming about space alot, and the new Kepler space observatory only satiates my growing hunger so much. One of the sad facts that I have come to accept is that I will never get to see a human being step foot on another world more than likely. I would like for us to find life in the universe besides us, and although I’m 110% sure it will happen one day, I begin to doubt if that too will be in my lifetime. There are alot of things that I would like to see that have to do with space and the universe at large.

When I was younger I remember going to an observatory, I believe it was with my school but the finer details are not important. It sparked a lust in my heart, but one that I was never able to fill in any way, shape or form. As a child I didn’t really understand the immense vastness and the unbearable emptiness. Honestly? I have a better comprehension of it now as I am older with years and wiser than I was, though inevitably I must still look to the heavens in wonder and amazement and know that I will never be a starfighter pilot. Truly, these are dark times.

I cant help but wonder with the world evolving as it is, are we in a new dark age of technology? We set our sights on the moon, managed to beat the Russians to the prize which by all accounts should have been theirs. He are learning of new medical breakthroughs that can cure diseases ingrained in our very beings and were completely incurable, and which still are or would be. We neglect and stutter on the moral implications of such things as sending people to their deaths to get to Mars. Do you wish to be immortal? Be infused with humanity for as long as we continue to thrive? Be the first to step foot on another planet. If they were making a new doomsday device would there be objections? Why arnt there objections to there being neutron bombs or nuclear weapons small enough to load into rocket pods?

Why do we linger in such times? We live on the brink of greatness and we falter?

Astronomy. We must leave the Earth eventually, I like to think of the human race as perhaps in its teens or preteen years. We think we know whats best for us, but deep down all we care about is ourselves. Eventually we must leave the roost as it were, how long can Earth’s resources support us? And by us I mean the privileged people not the millions of people  who still starve to death every year. And thats just starving. I’m not trying to be a bleeding heart here but what I’m saying is we already have problems feeding the people we have, as the world population blossoms ever constantly despite such things.

Eventually I know that if we somehow don’t kill everyone off and perhaps maybe work out the vast majority of the social problems we have, maybe we could get some real change going. It might seem apocalyptic but really in the vast scope of things we aren’t anything at all and I think thats the saddest part of all. Look up the Sloan Great Wall if you don’t believe me. you think light taking 7 minutes to get to earth is incredible? Try 1.37 billion light years.

I sit at home and dream of the stars because its really, really hard to see them through the clouds and the lights of the city.

Hello Intarwebs

Today is a day like many that came before it and many will go by. Today is not significant in any way except to the people that make it so. And yet today feels good, in a way that I cannot explain and is somewhat foreign to me, you find me here explaining myself unto you.

So, a little bit about myself, yes? My name is Ray Swanson and I currently reside in Illinois. I am a gamer, at times a philosopher, sometimes a wannabe scientist. I work hard for what little I have, but I honestly like it far better that way, keeps me humble and off cocaine. Can also be artistic when the insanity comes and warps reality into what I call life.

I’m planning on moving to Colorado very soon so I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a few posts pop up about that or if I fall off the face of the earth suddenly. I will keep you updated, and satiated hopefully with everything you so desire of me. Which is to say everything that I want, which isn’t all that much.

Currently I’m playing:

  • Age of Empires 3 (an oldie but a goodie.)
  • Just Cause 2
  • Pokemon Black
  • Pokemon Soul Silver
  • Command and Conquer 3
  • Civilization V

I have a certain affinity to technology, I have a nifty phone that I can browse the internet on when I’m supposed to be driving, but alas I still don’t own a flying car or a hover board. I own a nice computer that I do the majority of my gaming on, or spend my entire night browsing the internet. It is a terrible reoccurring problem of which I will not remedy.

I have amazing friends, and I believe that even that does not do it any justice. My friends are pretty much everything to me and if I don’t or cant hang out with them its generally me sleeping or the price of gas, hard to drive like 30 minutes on how much I make. It is suffering.

Me and my best friend Adam discuss all sorts or madness, including:

  • Why spoken language is better than writing or the internet.
  • Old Games
  • New games
  • Scientific Discoveries
  • Technological advancements
  • Drinking stories
  • Random historical facts

Also I guess one could also call me a bit of a historian and by a bit I mean not really. I have a penchant for reading long and drawn out stories about stuff that happened a long time ago, I have a special love for historical battles, especially interesting ones.

Well now that we have that out of the way, stick around. And I’ll be back soon.