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see you on the other side

Well, unfortunately kids this will probably be my last or one of my last posts for awhile. Seeing as I will be moving soon and really need to get the last of my affairs in order I don’t know if I will have time to post again before I head out. Also, seeing as I will not be bringing my computer with me on my new journey I don’t know when I will post again when I get out there.

I’ll be building a new computer though when I’m out there to kind of be my “this is my new home” kind of thing. When that will be however will be anyones guess, which is to say when it’s finished. As it will entail me getting a job and more than likely striking out on my own.

I must admit that the prospect is terrifying to me. Up til now in my ~20 years of being self-aware I’ve relied on my parents for the roof over my head and things like that, this is without a doubt the biggest game changer in my entire life. I’m gonna try getting back into art so expect some of that when I’m back online, along with probably a bunch of new rants on video games and maybe even science! In fact I almost guarantee before I leave I’ll make a science post about Voyager 1. Take care kids!