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It’s been awhile but I finally have something worth talking about, or raging about incoherently.

Square Enix is probably going to ruin the Hitman franchise, there I said it. Trying to keep it closer to the movies is in my opinion a terrible debacle since I don’t know of anyone who played the games who thought the movie did it justice. I’m not saying it needed to be word for word but a 47 with emotion? Come now, why you hurt me baby?

I should have seen this coming since Square Enix is basically hit or miss in my book. I honestly was holding out hope since the new Deus Ex is looking very true to the original, since you know…everyone hated the sequel. I Figured they would do the same for Hitman, maybe make it a bit more gritty and sharpen the graphics a bit. Blood Money was basically the best of the series and now it calls for a reboot? Why? To bring in an unknown demographic? Of who? Halo fanbois? Basically it’s this: you don’t need a good plot for Hitman. In fact thats what alot of people LIKED about Blood Money was it didn’t have to do with revenge or some other crap it was about 47 doing his job.

What makes it all the better is that the ending to Blood Money was left specifically open for the next game. But obviously we need to drag it’s good name through the mud for a bit more money.

I’m not going to hate on Square to harshly because they do make games that I like. I love Dragon Quest, I loved the Legacy of Kain series, I enjoyed Supreme Commander. I haven’t necessarily been a fan of the Final Fantasy games  since 9, since they just added more and more cutscenes to the games, I’m in the opinion that I play a game to play it not sit down with my significant other with a bowl of popcorn.

If everything that I’m hearing about the new Deus Ex is true they’re paying a very good picture for things to come but I just don’t see why they are taking a game which in my humble opinion didn’t need it and rebooting it. Besides the fact they hope to get people who go see the shit movie to pay for whats probably going to be a shit game, lets face it games based on movies? Don’t make me laugh I cant honestly say I’ve played a good one yet. I still don’t know how they managed to mess up the starship troopers game, shoot bugs don’t die. on THAT note I would love to see a Starship Troopers RTS, make my dream come true! Preferably with a topless Denise Richards cutscene.

And thats the word today, I got a few more game rants coming up in the next couple days, look forward to one about Brink, one about Duke Nukem Forever, one about Deus Ex, and who knows maybe I’ll even throw in some rants about new tech in the wonderful world of science!